Training on Project Management

Project management is composed of team members.  A
project manager heads it.  A project manager’s role is to
plan, control and monitor the activities as well as
participants in the team.  It is  his responsibility that  targets
are met as planned and success is attained in the end. 
Even though the project manager leads, it is also necessary
that team members need to be educated or trained.  They
need to understand the project and the expected deliverables. 
Knowing their responsibilities as well as accountability
of  each member in the team.

Project Management Training is offered to provide the
best practices in project management.  It starts from the
definition of goals to the end of managing risk.  Trainings
on the mastery of small or medium sized projects are offered. 
The basic skills in a small sized project covers the techniques
used for each project step, set realistic deadlines and meet
the target, schedule of check points in the MS project and
motivate team and earn commitment.

Some of the areas covered by project management trainings
 1.  Meeting the Company’s Mission.  This includes allowing
       participants to align the project mission with the agency’s
      mission, knowing the project stakeholders, echoing the
      voices of customers and maintaining a high level of
      communication in regard to the project Mission.
2.   Strategies.  This includes the establishment of realistic
      business objectives defining a sound structure and gain
      agreement among members on the project plan.
3.   People.  This includes organizational leadership, project
      leadership and project team members.
4.   Processes.  This includes how to plan, manage
      technology and how to control tasks of each participant.

Learning is a continuous process.  What the project manager
knows may be outdated and has to be replaced with new
learnings and likewise goes for participants. 

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