Two Best Metadata Download Sources

There are so many places on the internet that you can get your metadata downloads – especially when it comes to files like movies. You probably never realized it, but movies are also types of metafiles that can be categorized and placed in different stations for you to access. Some of these are actually very well known. The first and foremost of all of these would be that of iTunes. iTunes is the most popular form of metadata download source ever since it was first started. It had already made over one million US dollars on the very first week of its operation alone. Of course, such a metadata download site may also have its own fair share of bugs.

Nevertheless, it remains to be the strongest contender in the realm of metadata download sources and is continuously growing stronger than ever. Yet another contender in metadata download would be Guba. This one is actually a sub branch from the Usenet product. What happened was they were able to make a successful deal with selling Warner Brothers movies and then was followed up with a deal to sell movies made by Sony. Ever since these two successes, Guba had been able to compete on the prices and also make some lowest priced offerings compared to the others. And for that alone we can truly say that it is worthy of its place in the rankings of metadata download file sources. If you are looking for files to download, you can probably first search these two because they are most likely to have the stuff you want and need.

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