Two Pillars of the FileNet ECM Solution

The FileNet ECM architecture is one of the leading products on the content management market.  FileNet rivals the software solutions developed by Microsoft both in functionality and power.  Companies that need a versatile and highly flexible enterprise content management application should definitely try the FileNet ECM product.

The FileNet ECM application is built on the premise that companies need to systematize their information management to enhance their productivity and efficiency.  By achieving these two critical factors in the business process, companies could drive their profits upwards thus ensuring healthy growth and continued viability.

The FileNet ECM architecture stands on two important line solutions that are in tune with modern communication technologies.  First, the FileNet ECM file manager ensures safe data transfer and sharing on intra-company networks as well as on wide area networks.  The lifecycle of information and content from creation to finalization can be channeled across the enterprise through the FileNet file manager.  This line solution enhances the productivity of companies in terms of increased collaboration and sharing of data over secured access.

Second the FileNet web content manager ensures stable online presence of companies.  Through the FileNet web content manager, multiple website can be managed on the fly.  This means that web administrators of companies can create, edit, and collaborate with other webmasters using FileNet data transfer services.  Managing multiple websites therefore will not become a nightmare anymore because of the FileNet solution.

Indeed, the FileNet ECM architecture provides good information and content management solution to help companies stabilize their operations.  

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