Types of Backups Available Under SQL Server

It is a known fact that computing has done a lot of wonders in making our job easier and faster.  It is also for this reason that at work we are always reminded to save our file from time to time in case of power outage or events unforeseen. Such situation applies not only on personal/individual files but as well as organizations file of information.

There is a need to back up your database at work on a regular basis in order to avoid lost of any work or information.  Backups are used as a means of recovering information resulting to a disaster situation.  It is highly recommended that SQL Server databases be backed up periodically.  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 has different types of backup, these are:

1. Complete refers to the backing up of the entire database.
2. Differential refers to the backing up of only the modified extents in as much as previous complete backup has been undertaken.
3. Transaction Log refers to the backing up of the active portion and truncates the inactive portion of the transaction log.
4. File / Filegroup refers to the backing up of individual files and file groups within a database.
5. File differential refers to the combination of differential backups and file or filegroup backups.

It is important that organizations perform the periodic backups, as it is their best chance of successfully recovering a production environment in the fastest amount of time in the event of a disaster situation.

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