Types of Knowledge Management Products

With the growing popularity and demand for organizations to turn into Knowledge Management or KM to improve business performance, a wide variety of KM products were developed and introduced to the market. Billions of US dollars were spent each year to produce KM software applications for the purpose of collecting, storing, organizing and disseminating essential business information. Such KM solutions range from small software packages for individual use, to highly specialized enterprise software that is suitable for group work. Here are some of the most popular KM products used by a lot of companies nowadays.

(a) Knowledge Management software for Brainstorming-This type of KM software is used primarily by individuals and small groups for brainstorming and analysis. It is also used to catalog, structure and organize information, search for unrelated data and arrange them into a more accessible format.

(b) Knowledge Management software for collaboration-This type of KM software functions as a groupware, which means that each authorized user has access to key files. It is typically a web-based application that is very helpful for companies with remote workers or freelancers. This results to a more centralized and consistent source of stored and accessible information. Such KM software solutions provide flexibility, ease of access and cost effectiveness for information sharing.

(c) Knowledge Management software for customer service agents-This type of KM software is suitable for agents who are interacting with customers. It helps agents to be more confident and updated with the recent issues specific to their level of support.

Since there are a lot of KM software products around, it would be of utmost importance to do some further evaluation to get more benefits that the company usually gets.


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