Ubuntu VMware as a Virtual Machine

Ubuntu is an operating system used for desktops, servers, and laptops. This is also popular with many Linux distributions. What’s good about Ubuntu is that it provides up-to-date and stable Linux distribution for many users. It also focuses on usability and simplicity of installations. The great thing about Ubuntu is, like Linux, it is a freeware which can be shared by millions of users. Maybe, the only downside of having Ubuntu is the few compatible software devices available in the market today. Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux are the most popular operating systems and most software devices are only made compatible with these platforms. But some users can still use Ubuntu while using other operating systems. What is needed is just VMware software or more specifically the Ubuntu VMware.

Ubuntu VMware defines a virtual machine running on Ubuntu platform. It is included in one computer along with other operating systems. This was made possible through the VMware software. Some VMware applications are platform-independent, which means they can be used regardless of what operating system the user has. The specific VMware software that makes it possible for the Ubuntu to be one of the user’s virtual machine is the VMware Workstation. This enables using of more than one operating system in one computer. That means one can use the Ubuntu while using the Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.

To install Ubuntu as one of the virtual machines, the user must first download the ubuntu.iso. After that, he should create a new virtual machine with workstation or VMware server. Other instructions can be found in many blog sites and VMware, Inc. website. With this, the user doesn’t have to choose between the various operating systems and he can more possibly try using the Ubuntu VMware.

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