Understanding CMMI framework

The Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMI is a process improvement procedure increasingly being adopted by various organizations or companies nowadays to achieve improvement on organizational function, processes, and delivering only quality products. This approach involves models that deal with diverse area of interest. CMMI models are basically the published documents on best practices of CMMI.

Carrying out a CMMI project in an organization improves the usability role of inclusive maturity models through integrating individual models into a single construct. CMMI consists of its practical applications concentrating on product or service development and maintenance. A relevant method such as CMMI enables an organization to focus on enhancing its products from conceptualization through development, deliver, and upkeep. In addition, both software and systems engineering, which are included are also given emphasis.

Specifically, the CMMI framework is a compilation of applied structure of CMMI models, training, and appraisal materials. Model elements include goals, process areas, practices, and other informative documents on model usage and components. Training modules, on the other hand, consists of guidebooks on carrying out specific model and some audio-visuals to facilitate teaching on the proper use of the model. Lastly, the appraisal constituents illustrate the course of appraising an organization’s wide-range of processes vis-à-vis the goals and practices discussed among individual model. In addition, appraisal components also consist of some training elements for carrying out effectively the appraisal process.

In general, the aim of CMMI framework is basically to manage the diverse selection and usability of model components to build relevant CMMI models that deal different areas of interest. Also, the framework permits recently developed models to keep the common terms and structure among other CMMI models in CMMI framework to enhance learning of new models through familiarity of previous model concepts and principles.

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