Understanding Desktop Virtualization or the VDI

When you are in the computing world, you would more often get to encounter the terms desktop and how to virtualize its infrastructure.  This technology known as the desktop virtualization is a common practice that computing experts get engaged into should they want to come up with a means to have a central management of the desktops on the network without sacrificing the capability of the server to be the working host. 

This technology has been in existence for several decades.  It has been fully successful with the use of the application known as the thin client.  With the capability of the thin client to allow for the ease of configuration and installation of the applications on a desktop that is virtualized, these computing experts have potentially seen the advantages that DVI can ultimately yield.

With the insurmountable advantages that desktop virtualization infrastructure, no wonder that it has become the common practice that people in the computing industry performs.  To better understand why DVI is what they always want, below are the benefits and advantages that you can achieve thru it:

a. With desktop virtualization you can easily and instantly provision desktops to be used for the network. 
b. When there is an imminent hardware difficulty and challenge, there is a close to zero downtime that is being experienced. 
c. With the use of the desktop virtualization, there is an evident reduction in the possible expense for needed application to be deployed. 

There are so many other things that one can take fully advantage with desktop virtualization.  Consequently, because new technology arises, these advantages come a bit resilient to some users. 

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