Understanding Different SQL Server Data Types

There are different SQL Server data types that can be used by database administrators.  Selection of SQL data type is very important as this could affect the performance and utility of the enterprise database.  Administrators therefore should set the SQL data types presets during the designing stage of the database.  Without a proper design for the SQL data type, managing the database would be a little difficult during full deployment.  

The most common SQL data types being used are exact numeric data.  These are used to exactly define the numeric values of database variables.  Exact numeric SQL data types are very important in achieving precision in the definition of the database.  Included in this category of SQL data types are decimals, integers, and numeric values.

The second variety of SQL data types being used are approximate numeric data.  As its name implies, it is an imprecise data type which allows for certain levels of rounding error.  By using these data types, database administrators will have to input exact numeric variables for some data input while leaving the other variables contain imprecise values.  

Administrators can also input date and time data types to the SQL database.  This is useful to define time stamps for data that are arrayed based time and days.  Different time stamps can be defined such as year, month, days, hours, minutes, and other time stamp input.

For character values, the SQL character string data types are used.  This type of input is text based and the entire text string is included in the SQL data type.  

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