Understanding How SQL Server Agent Works

SQL Server Agent is a service that lets a user configure scheduled tasks and system alerts. It is made up of three components, which are the following: SQL Jobs, SQL Alerts and Operators.

SQL jobs refer to one or more steps to be executed. This consists of an SQL statement. SQL jobs can be scheduled to run at specified times and intervals. Meanwhile, SQL alerts are a set of actions that happens when an event occurs. This could be an error alert or when the database has reached a certain size. It can also be as an email or a page to the server administrator. It can also run a job to fix a certain problem. SQL Server Agent can also be operators who can address problems with the SQL server. These operators are usually the people that alerts are being sent to.

How SQL Server Agent works?

A user can start and stop SQL Server Agent through Enterprise Manager, the Windows Services console, or through the SQL Server Service Manager. Before any jobs are scheduled or alerts received, the user must first make sure that the SQL Server Agents is running. The user will see that it is working through an icon.

The most common mistake of users is that they create SQL jobs but they never check whether the SQL Server Agent is working or not. There are some businesses that always keep SQL Server Agent running such as in manufacturing business while other business turn it off sometimes.

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