Understanding Landing Page Quality Score: How to Get Good Ranking from Google?

Landing page quality score is a system used by Google to rank landing pages and the relevancy of their keywords.  The quality score of a landing page impacts on the cost of Adwords campaign.  Some online marketers have been slapped by Google for having poor quality landing pages.  This usually means their minimum bid for a keyword will go up to as much as 100 to 200 percent.  This means a lot of advertising funds will go into PPC campaigns which are not good for most online businesses.

The landing page quality score is based on the algorithms set by Google and determined by their robot crawlers.  Basically, the robot looks for relevant content on the landing page and other factors such as user friendliness, originality, and safe browsing experience.  This measure ensures that only relevant pages will appear on Google’s search engine services.  That is why there are strict guidelines set for creating a high quality landing page.

One of the best ways to get excellent landing page quality score is to create value for the user.  This means the landing page should contain not just purely ads materials but also useful content.  Google’s Adwords put premium on page content.  A landing page that provides value to users will surely get good score on quality thus reducing the amount of pay per click advertising cost.

Originality of the landing page also determines its quality.  A landing page that mirrors an affiliate program’s website will rank poorly on Google.  It is best to create a unique landing page that redirects buyers to the main product page of an affiliate program.  

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