Understanding Network Management Protocols

Simple Network Management Protocol is a helpful application layer protocol that makes
it easy to have an exchange of management data among various network devices. These
protocols include the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and other
internet protocols suite.  Many network management protocols exist but the simple
network management protocol has become a standard among the IT industry because it is
able to solve network problems and improve network performance in a secured

The Simple Network Management Protocol allows IT managers, technicians and network
administrators to handle the maintenance of network performance and search for other
threats or risks that may arise in order to mitigate, control or avoid them before they
damage the system. In IT businesses today, network management protocols are needed to
plan to for the growth of the network while at the same time secure the network from
both internal and external threats. Simple Network Management Protocol will make it
easier for staff and managers to identify the problems before it happens.

There are three versions of SNMP that is out in the market. The first version already
provided network management protocols that are reliable and secure.  SNMPv1 however,
failed to deliver the security features needed by the consumers.  This was where SNMPv2
came because it offered enhancements to version one but with more additional protocol
operations and better security.  The third version, SNMPv3 offered network management
protocols that are more secure and is currently the standard being followed by the Internet
Engineering Task Force as of 2004.  Version 3 provided better message integrity,
authentication and encryption.

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