Understanding Past, Present and Future Terminologies – A Common IT Management Problem

In the world of IT, one common problem is keeping track of the acronyms and terminologies
that have been used, are being used, and will probably crop up in the hazy future.

One way to solve this problem is for specialists in IT language to come up with a model on
how the IT language is built or structured and perhaps a list as well of what specific
acronyms and terminologies we need to keep in mind nowadays.

This is why the ITIL® or Information Technology Infrastructure Library became so important
and widely-accepted: it provided a common ground on which IT personnel could be trained on
and information that could be shared on an industry-wide basis. Without common jargon as
specified by ITIL®, the IT world would become messy very fast because everyone and his
brother would arbitrarily come up with IT terms that only they are familiar with.

The principle of walking before you try running applies in learning IT terminologies as
well. It is important to be grounded in the basics before you progress to more advanced
concepts. It is also important to know how the industry works before you concentrate on how
the organization you work for applies IT concepts and then names these arbitrary

Granted, no one can seriously be expected to know each and every one of the existing IT
terminologies at present. This is why, with a common platform like the ITIL® being used, it
is easier for even IT specialists to come to a common ground of understanding in their line
of work.

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