Understanding Prince2 Key Points Using the P2 PM Toolkit

Prince2 or PRojects IN Controlled Environments is an internationally recognized methodological standard for project management, which was released in 1996.  Its previous version, PRINCE, was established by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) in 1989 and is now a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). There is no hardware or software involved in Prince2 (aside from the usual tools needed to support it). It is a plain best practice approach on how projects should be handled in a more consistent, and flexible manner.

The concept of Prince2 is very complex and discussing its key points and learning to fully implement it would be a bit of challenge. But then again, a group of project management experts have come up with a toolkit that everyone can use to make Prince2 a bit easier to grasp. This is known as the P2 Project Management Toolkit, which was designed for starters who are interested to learn more how Prince2 works, and at the same time, have a glimpse of the various Prince2 tools and templates.

To list down the key points behind the Prince2 process, the toolkit is inclusive of the following materials, mostly supplied in MS Word format: (a) Templates – documents that are designed to save users time in accomplishing project requirements; (b) Presentations – PowerPoint slides to highlight the Prince2 process; (c) Role Definition Documents – overview of the job descriptions within the Prince2 environment; (d) Research Articles; (e) Project Risk Assessment Kit – risk measurement of a project; (f) Fact Sheet – summary of the Prince2 process; (g) Project Management Plan and Handbook – serves as a guide in coming up with an excellent project management plan; and (h) Bonus Files – documents and other presentations.


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