Understanding the 4 Core WiMax Training Programs

To get a certification on WiMax technologies, system administrators and engineers can take the WiMax certification training program.  This program will enable them to grasp WiMax technologies and to understand the details of its deployment such as installation procedures, troubleshooting efforts, and other skills needed to maintain the network. 

There are four tracks of certification that can be taken by IT professionals designed for managing WiMax network solutions.  These tracks offer different levels of skills training.  It was designed by the WiMax Forum and the courses as well as the formal boot camp training sessions have been created in close cooperation with DoceaTech and Informa Telecoms.  Formal WiMax training can be acquired online.  Those who will attend WiMax Forum sponsored events can also have the opportunity to enroll in one or several boot camps and training programs.

The first track of WiMax training, also known as WiMax Forum RF Network engineer, is designed for beginners in WiMax technologies.  It is a four-day training with courses designed for those with introductory knowledge in WiMax solutions.  Trainees will be able to know the basics of installation and how to deploy WiMax over a network. 

The second track is designed for systems engineers that manage WiMax core networks.  It is an intermediate WiMax training designed specifically for managing an already implemented network.  The third and fourth tracks certify IT professionals as WiMax Associates and WiMax Security Professionals respectively.  The courses are highly specialized and can be taken by advanced administrators of WiMax networks.

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