Understanding the Basics of Podcasting and Vodcasting

Podcasting and Vodcasting are two different methods of distributing content on the Internet but they are closely related.  A podcast distributes audio media while a vodcast distributes video.

These two online broadcasting methods have become very popular among so many people.  Podcasting and vodcasting are easy to download materials and most of them are provided free by producers.  They can also be created by anyone who has a fair knowledge of computer technology.  

Both online broadcasting methods will need a website to host the audio and video materials.  Good web hosting is essential in order to accommodate large file uploads especially for vodcasts.  And if the podcasting or vodcasting site becomes very popular, numerous web users will download the media on it.  This means podcasters or vodcasters need a lot of bandwidth to accommodate the download requests.

For podcasters, they would need audio equipments to capture voice and sounds.  They need to edit their materials enhance its broadcasting quality.  Broadcasting good quality audio will ensure that listeners will keep coming back to the podcast site or subscribe to feeds of the producer.  Software for audio editing can be used to improve broadcasting quality.

Vodcasters, on the other hand, will need powerful computers to capture and edit the video material.  A simple 15 minute video will render a final movie file ranging from 300 to 400 megabytes.  This means they need a lot of drive space and powerful RAM in order to create a vodcast.  

For faster uploading of content to the web host, podcasters and vodcasters should use FTP software.  This can be provided by the host or a standalone version can be downloaded for free.

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