Understanding the Business Role of IT Management

Management per se is a skill used in managing and control of a business or any enterprise.
The manager is the one taking control with one goal in mind – to accomplish a purpose. IT
Management has the same general meaning but is highly technical in nature. There are two
areas of concern in IT management – these areas are IT Project Management and IT Service
Project management is an area where the objective is to accomplish a goal according to
desired quality and programmed time, plus within the projected costs. That is the same
principle in  IT Project Management but accomplished with the aid of highly technical tools.
These technical tools allow project managers to do multi-tasking for planning, initiating,
monitoring, and completing large-scale projects. This type of management is usually
utilized in construction industries. Here, risk management, business communication, time and
cost management, and project procurement skills are brought to fore in the IT realm so that
the optimal results are attained during the management phase. 
The other area of discipline is IT Service Management. IT Service Management is part of the
technology so-called Best Services function where the main concern is the customer. IT
provides the business world with infrastructure and a service desk matrix so that the
company can achieve excellent service delivery. It is focused on service delivery, focused
and detailed reporting, monitoring and application analysis. It also aims to provide to the
customer quality service and therefore satisfaction.
In both these types of IT Management, the goal is to bring the IT function to merge with
the business function whether it is in projects or in services. IT management gives the
business the edge over their competition. With IT management much more is accomplished than
without it.

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