Understanding the ISTQB Testing

You have been preparing for the day to come – the ISTB certification – and everything else is ready and all set, but then you realized, you have not really understood how to really get out of the examination with flying colors.

When you think about how you can actually surpass the examination for ISTQB, you really have to think about how you can extract the correct answers when all of the choices given on the examination seem to be correct and true.  Below are some of the things that can help you understand the testing made for ISTQB:

a. Are you really familiar with the actual format of examination? How are you going to deal with mathematical calculations?  What about reading comprehension?
b. Are you really aware of the realistic approaches in taking the certification exams?  What sort of psych preparations have you done? 
c. Do you have any orientation about how to go about elimination process when faced with choices which are similarly correct and valid?
d. Have you really prepared yourself with the various oddities and twists of fate when the actual examination comes?

These and all are few of the realities that you should have checked and clearly must have understood as part of the ISTQB testing.  It is a common fact that facing any examination unarmed and unprepared will most likely result into greater jeopardy and massive fatality.  Since, the ISTQB certification is one big event to a person, it is suggested then that you really try to understand that comprehend what the ISTQB testing is all about and how you can better prepare for it. 

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