Understanding the ITIL Concepts and Terminologies

The proliferation of the use of computers in businesses gave rise for the IT industry to realize the need to standardize the management of IT services due to the  increasingly global competitive and regulated environment.  It is through this realization that the IT Infrastructure Library was created and published and has been internationally accepted approached in the management of IT service.

ITIL® has been popularly used by almost all businesses nowadays for its proven information as to best recommended practices it offers in IT service management.  In as much as many use ITIL®, the set of volumes of the ITIL® provides for the concepts and terminology of IT Service Management.  The concepts and terminology were provided in such a way that these are clearly understood by all readers.

The IT service concepts allow a holistic view for managers to look into the IT Infrastructure.  The focus to operation has been shifted to performance based.  Some of the common ITIL® terminologies and descriptions in service delivery and service support areas are as follows:

1.  Incident- an occurrence that is not within the standard
     service operation, which may have cause interruption or
     reduction as to the quality of service.
2.  Problem – incident that is not easily determined as to cause.
3.  Known Error – an error that is recognizable.
4.  Major incident- an incident that yields a high impact and
     required response immediately as it is beyond normal incidents.
5.  Service Request- a request needing new or altered service.
6.  Solution- a resolution formed that resolve an incident or
7.  Workaround is a temporary fix that allows continuance
     of normal service until resolved.

With the ITIL® concepts and terminologies available, even those with basic literacy in IT will understand what ITIL® is all about.

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