Understanding the MCITP SQL Server 2005

The Microsoft Standard Query Language Server 2005 is one of the leaders in database management and supervision along with excellent analysis on the application that is being utilized all throughout the industry.  As has been proven, the MS SQL Server 2005 has had higher recorded shipments to the business industry compared to the competitors such as IBM and Oracle.  

The prominence of the SQL Server 2005 in the business industry brought so much attention to computing and IT specialists and experts.  More and more people are engaging into having a certification in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 because of the recorded all time high demand for manpower in the specific area.  

The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional:  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is a multi-directed career path.  You can opt to venture into having a career in being a Database Administrator using the SQL Server 2005 or a Database Developer with expertise in using the 2005 SQL Server.  As such, your expertise can be directed into many pathways such as a designer of database infrastructures, troubleshooter for database events, or as an administrator for the SQL Server.  All of these expertises are encapsulated once you have earned the right to be called as a holder of the Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional:  Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  

Being a Database Administrator or a Developer will surely make you professionally and financially satisfied as this job entails very mind-boggling processes that will awaken your desire for learning and knowledge.  Likewise, it shall be able to compensate you very well in terms of monetary.  

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