Understanding the Steps Involved in CMMI SCAMPI

SCAMPI stands for Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement.  It is the officially recognized evaluation and assessment process of SEI for CMMI capable organizations.  The CMMI SCAMPI program is designed to ensure that the implementation of CMMI conforms to the standards set by its developers in order to avoid a watered down approach to business process improvement.

To better understand the SCAMPI program, it is best to know the steps involved in the CMMI evaluation methodologies.

First, external evaluators will perform an official appraisal of the CMMI deployment.  These CMMI evaluators must be authorized by the SEI to conduct such appraisals.  An official CMMI appraisal will enable companies to publish their CMMI ratings which include their capabilities and maturity levels. 

Second, the external appraisers will collect vital information through documentary evidences and first hand interviews about the current implementation of CMMI.  The information will be carefully assessed and evaluated so validate the CMMI ratings of the concerned company.  Ratings are awarded to reflect the strength of the company by assigning the official CMMI Levels.

Finally, the appraisal team will make appropriate recommendations on what areas of the organizations need improvement.  This recommendation will be transmitted to appropriate bodies of the organization which should make prompt actions in order to maintain their CMMI ratings.  The appraisals will also serve as the general guideline of companies in implementing the CMMI framework in their business process modeling.  

Upon completion of evaluation and implementation of the necessary corrections to CMMI, the business ratings of a company cold now be recognized as the official SEI-CMMI rating.

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