Understanding Web 2.0 Traffic

You didn’t make your site just for nothing. And if you really want your site for nothing, then you better change your mind and find a purpose out of your site’s creation. An understanding on the Web 2.0 traffic can help you maximize the web site you created primarily for nothing.

There are tons and tons of Web 2.0 companies available on the internet. However, to distinguish which one is getting the most Web 2.0 traffic is another story. But in recent polls and lists made by some researchers, it seems that the companies that get the most of the Web 2.0 traffics are those sites that enable people to collaborate, contribute, and share information via the Web in the most convenient and innovative means. Some of the websites that gather very good Web 2.0 traffics are: YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, eBay, PhotoBucket, Xanga, FotoLog, and many more.

On the other hand, Web traffic is also as important as sales generation when it comes to online businesses. As long as you acquire a solution that provides good traffic sources and services your online business will continue to grow and exist. More online activities can actually generate good traffic but this still depends on what kind of online activity.
In this case, doing online business can be considered as an online activity and to maintain your good traffic you can employ strategies like RSS feeds (a more conventional way) and most especially the Web 2.0 traffic sources (the trend today).

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