Unleashing the Inner ERP Genie in You

A person who does not have any clue what ERP is all about is bound tell himself that it must be technical stuff or some other thing. The same person probably won’t bother to buy a book that is entitled ERP Genie: Have One of Your Own in a bookstore. Needless to say, this book was not really a hit among readers. 

What is the concept ERP Genie anyway, as presented in the book anyway? Like the concept of the Genie in a Bottle, an ERP Genie will do everything for you, provided you rub it. Choosing what it gives you though is your choice.  In India, an author presented ERP as a novella that unfolds slowly to present ERP in simple terms. It attempts to simplify ERP so a person who has no idea about ERP will understand how this is vital in his organization. It presents a step by step guide that will help this person identify his organizational needs so that he can understand what ERP can do for him. Eventually, understanding his organizational needs and what ERP can do for him can help him discuss what he wants with the vendors. This leads us back to choosing what the Genie can give, which is entirely his choice. To unleash the inner ERP Genie, one must be able to know the question that he wants to be answered.  ERP’s benefits were compared to an ordinary hotel employee in India’s chores and what it can do for him.

In the same way, knowing how ERP works can greatly help an individual whether he is an employee or the employer. After all, if you have unleashed the ERP Genie, anything is possible. Make the ERP Genie for you, not the other way around.

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