Urgent Need to Develop New Virtualization Management Tools

Although there are many tools and utilities that have been developed to optimize the process requirements of virtual machines, there are still lots of technology gaps when it comes to effective virtualization management.  Through effective management tools and functions, the usefulness and effectiveness of virtual environments could be maximized.  The ability of cross platform interoperability and deployment of different operating systems in a single IT infrastructure could be made easier by different virtualization management tools.

One major stumbling block to efficient virtualization management is the limited number of aggregation tools available in the market.  Aggregation tools could enhance the ability of IT professionals to manage multiple virtual machines simultaneously instead of running them one at a time.  Aggregation issue is more pronounced today because of the magnified computing capability of new hardware.  This means that IT infrastructures today have the ability to create not just one or two virtual machines but multiple virtual environments.  This is due to the increasing power of computer hardware thus allowing users to create many virtual machines without sacrificing computing speed and stability.

By developing aggregation management tools, the productivity of IT infrastructures could also be magnified and its resources can be used fully for maximum benefits.  Such virtualization management tools could also allow cross patching of different applications and programs so that multiple operating systems can be deployed in one physical machine.  With an effective patching tool, deployments and interoperability would not be a problem.  IT managers and personnel will also be able to run different simulations without experiencing system conflicts and possible crashes.

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