Use a WordPress 2.5 Plugin to Benefit from WordPress 2.5

Software is always evolving. WordPress, for instance, is constantly improving on their platform in order to serve its users better. Most of the improvements are based on the feedback and complaints that users turn in. The improvements consisted of multi-file uploading and built-in galleries. One-click plugin upgrades and cookie encryption were also included. The dashboard also became customizable.

The latest WordPress upgrade is the WordPress 2.5. However, whenever there is an upgrade, there is always the issue of compatibility. That is why one has to make sure that he only downloads a WordPress 2.5 plug-in from the time he upgrades to WordPress 2.5.

If not, there is a great possibility that the plug-in will not work. As for the plug-ins that were in use before the WordPress 2.5, many are no longer working after the upgrade. This has caused some problems in many WordPress blogs. Many blogs started looking funny after the upgrade to WordPress 2.5.

Many people were caught unaware with this effect. Most bloggers who encountered this said problem were those who had the automatic upgrade feature on. After an upgrade to WordPress 2.5, it would be time to upgrade several plug-ins as well.  That is if the bloggers want a fully functional and cool looking blogs.

Once everything is fixed, what the result is a more functional and intuitive blog interface. Any WordPress 2.5 plugin will enhance the blog both aesthetically and in its usability. If the blogger wants to avail of the many new improvements in WordPress 2.5, he must also use the WorkPress 2.5 plug-in.

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