Useful New Features of SQL Server 2005 Replication Tool

The SQL Server 2005 replication features follow the first deployments seen on SQL Server 2000. The 2005 edition however added new features to the replication process especially on the security and transactional procedures being implemented. Replication involves copying databases and redistributing the content on other servers in the network. It simplifies the task of database administrators in transmitting data between servers because the Publish and Subscribe processes and operations can be automated. The new SQL Server 2005 replication features include enhanced security for the procedure. In the new deployment, replication process and transaction will not be triggered automatically when the client logs in to the server. The new feature adds a secure log in window in order to implement the replication procedures. This could enhance the security of enterprise database because every transaction can be monitored through the log in process. It also prevents unauthorized republication of data across the network. In connection with the introduction of added security features, the SQL 2005 replication log in procedure also has simplified password management utility. Administrators could assign passwords to clients using the management studio interface. Through this feature, security enhancements on replication did not have the associated difficulty of security management. Probably the most useful upgrade done on replication process is the auto restart feature. In the 2000 deployment, replication often encounters problems such as interrupted processes. In the 2005 version, the process can be restarted by the application immediately after the failure event. This saves time and minimizes the effort on replication procedures.

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