Using a Reference Model in Enterprise Architecture Applications

The enterprise architecture reference model is fast becoming the most common practice within the United States Federal Government in order to provide support needed for its many functions and systems. In lesser yet equally important members of the nation (such as the ones pertaining to the business and information technology aspect of the social hierarchy) the enterprise architecture reference models also serve as a framework that guides the different sectors of the organization or the company to ensure continual development of their different architectures. One primary purpose of creating an enterprise architecture reference model is to make sure that the business strategies and the different information technology investments are aligned in a straight manner. Because of this, the enterprise architecture reference model will then allow an ensuring traceability from the strategy of the business right down to the technology that lies underneath.

Thanks to the enterprise architecture reference model, many companies have begun seeing the usefulness of the enterprise architecture as a way to improve their own business architectures which will later or improve the performance of their business and their productivity as well. And these companies are not just any kind of company, as they go by the names of BP, Volkswagen AG and Intel. These enterprise architecture reference models also have a framework that helps come up in great detail the different relevant structures that can be found within the organization. This also includes the business itself, the corresponding applications, the data it comes up with and the technology that makes it work.


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