Using Balanced Scorecard Government Model: Enhancing Accountability and Performance

Governments in general are not typically considered as good models of business management. This general perception was brought about by past records of inefficient and ineffective management solutions of agencies and public corporations. However, many governments today are shedding off the unfavorable image by implementing industry standard management tools and processes. This progressive change is made possible through the use of Balanced Scorecard system in public development planning, project management, and government business ventures.

The use of Balanced Scorecard as a methodology for government business management resulted to successful deliveries of public projects in economic development, social services, and many other government endeavors in the field of business management. The government balanced scorecard system views the public as customers and key stakeholders. This framework helped in improving the quality of government service deliveries. Government balance scorecard system ensures that customer demands will be satisfied. This new framework and attitude to service deliveries significantly improved public accountability and performance.

Governments that are conscious of their public accountability will normally deliver excellent services. Performance driven projects and excellent business solutions can become the norm of government operations by using the balanced scorecard system. This innovative management solution can serve as a catalyst for change in government business and service deliveries. The stereotyped government bureaucrats and functionaries that sit on project deliveries can now be transformed into business savvy professionals that use the balanced scorecard framework in implementing effective public management solutions. This could definitely fuel development and efficiency of public service deliveries.

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