Using BPM Tool for Effective Process Management Planning

A BPM tool is a particular application normally included in software packages or BPM solutions. BPM tools can be process specific or a development utility. Process managers should understand the functions of different BPM tools in order to maximize the power provided by business process management applications.

BPM tools can be a development utility such as process map generator, documents creator, or data base organizer. These tools are important in creating the process plans. Process plans usually need proper documentations for mapping purposes, communication, and work flow updating. BPM tools that can create process documents will be very useful in the overall design of the process plan. A good BPM suite must also include database creation software. Database is important in the information gathering stage and can be a source of useful data for redundant and repetitive tasks.

BPM process specific tools are those that can be used to generate the business process. Business process designs can be created using tools such as work flow creator, process mapping, and process simulators. These are critical tools that are essential in the whole business process planning. In a way, BPM tools that are process specific can be considered as key functions in designing the whole business process model.

A good business process application should be equipped with a rich set of BPM tools that are necessary to create a sound and effective BPM plan. Managers must select a software suite that has these capabilities in order to ensure that their process plans will be effective.

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