Using CRM Comparison Results to Make Better CRM Products

Any CRM comparison research will show that there are some CRM product developers who are running ahead of the pack, in terms of the quality of their products, how they introduce these products into the market and how well-received the CRM products are. Generally, CRM applications may either be open source applications or proprietary CRM applications. The difference between the two types is that the open source ones allow the user to gain access to the source code to amend it, while a proprietary product has a source code that only people authorized by the company that owns the code will be able to amend.

To succeed in the CRM product acceptance by consumers aspect, the product has to be user-friendly (meaning, your average non-techie user can find his way around the features of the product with relative ease), allows for integration into the existing system of the user, and permits customization for the system of the user when needed.

One company that has been relatively successful in the CRM field is Microsoft and they succeeded because they offer the consumers intelligent choices. For instance, you can get to choose the style of payment, which user interface will go with your product, and if the CRM product is to be a hosted product using the Internet as a platform or an on-the-premises type of product. Microsoft also seems to understand that CRM products may differ as to how they are treated.

One last factor may affect the creation of different CRM products in the near future  and that is the spate of mergers and acquisitions in the CRM industry. If the wave of acquisitions increase, the types of new CRM products we can see out there will probably change too as the business philosophies of each company are to be meshed, mixed and matched.

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