Using SQL Server Migration Assistant: Minimizing the Risk of Database Migration

Migration of database from one platform to a different one could cause lots of headaches especially if done manually. There’s a big room for human error which could cost a lot in terms time and company resources.  But the big danger in manual database migration is losing some or lots of data.  That is why it is best to use an SQL Server migration assistant or application to implement and automate the transfer.

Companies who have previously utilized different database programs and are now deploying Microsoft’s SQL Server editions normally use the migration assistant developed by Microsoft.

The SQL Server Migration assistant is a compact and standalone application program that could certainly help database administrators.  The migration assistant can be very useful for migration of database from Access to SQL Server.  The object data from Access can be loaded by the migration assistant and convert them into SQL object data.  After conversion, the assistant will facilitate the transfer maintaining the integrity and original values of the database.  In this way, database migration will not be too painful and the integrity of data can be maintained.

This type of operation is also implemented by other SQL migration software.  A company database may reside on Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2 or any other database architecture.  The SQL Server migration assistant can come into play if the company decides to deploy Microsoft SQL Server as their database application solution.  As with the Access to SQL migration, the assistant will convert the entire object data of the previous database to SQL and implement the transfer automatically.

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