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If you are looking to learn more about Configuration Management, you’re about to Configuration Management is the process that is central to all ITIL® 


The demands of many business organizations today have become more complex as advances of technology has brought the world closer and made it smaller.  The high standards of a world-class product have made team foundation server or TFS an important configuration management tool in the industry.

Team foundation server provides a clear level of efficiency and productivity through its source control, data acquisition, tracking, and updating of the application or software developments life cycle.  This configuration management tool will enable different teams working on the same project to have access to reliable data which in turn enables the project manager to always have the information necessary for the successful completion of the project.

Originally developed by Microsoft as a stand-alone softare or as part of the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), it now has other competitors in the market like Preforce, Clearcase and StarTeam among others.  They all provide solutions for team collaboration but the many advantages of the team foundation server as a configuration management tool include securing your source codes and other important data from attacks and hacks.  TFS also allows team members who are located in different parts of the globe to communicate and work on the same project with virtually no irritating disturbances.

Documentation is another important feature of the team foundation server.  Using TFS as your configuration management tool gives team members accurate and up-to- date reports and action plans can immediately be implemented.

With smooth, secure and hassle-free communication, using team foundation server configuration management tool will lead to increased productivity, reliable software development and predictability, and improved cost efficiency.

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