Using The SOA System

The SOA system is a unique building solution for many businesses because it is able
to deliver services across different organizational limitations.  Many businesses start
with small IT solutions for their needs.  But as the business grows, they will usually
create an IT solution relevant to their current needs.  The problem is, throughout the
years, these different IT solutions have become independent of each other.  Worse,
they are incompatible with each other also.  SOA provides a solution for this
limitation because it is able to build a loosely coupled integration solution so to unify

The uniqueness of the SOA system is that it is able to use components across different
and multiple applications and boundaries.  It will then integrate and incorporate the
distributed architectures but makes web services as an entry point as its entry point. 
Although the goal of any business organization is to be always available to their
consumers, there are times when, the business workflow processes are inaccessible
and at a particular moment.  This should not be an accepted consequence and this is
addressed in the implementation of an SOA system.

Service reliability, message and transaction integrity, secure environments are all part
of the solutions provided by the SOA system.  SOA makes it possible for service
requests to be available to the consumer even if there is a temporary disruption in the
workflow process.  In an SOA system, distributed applications reside in separate
domains and are independent of each other while at the same time are able to
interoperate with multiple applications that may access them.

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