Using the Whizlabs SCJP Products for Exam Preparation

Whizlabs has quite a bit of experience in developing exam preparation materials for the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) accreditation exams.

Whizlabs also has a lot of statistics in its favor to prove its proficiency in creating SCJP preparation materials that do work. The success rate of people who use Whizlabs products for taking the SCJP exams is at 99.7%
 – very impressive indeed. Whizlabs also says it has accumulated up to 225 years of expertise that it uses to create and maintain the quality of its products.

With its 99.7% passing rate to date, Whizlabs was personally responsible for producing more than 400,000 IT professionals who were granted SCJP status after using the Whizlabs products. This means that practically everyone in the world who used the Whizlabs exam preparation products was able to get the SCJP status they were aiming for. Now that is nothing to sneer at  how many companies can truthfully lay claim to such numbers?

Whizlabs sustains its quality standards for all its products by being the sole IT certification company at present whose products bear the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance. The reason Whizlabs is able to create quality products is that it hires only the best and the brightest technical writing authors  which is only appropriate if it wants to serve the best and the brightest IT minds throughout the world. Even publishers like Addison Wesley endorse the Whizlabs products because they know that their name as publishers will only benefit from being associated with the Whizlabs label.

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