Various Capabilities Offered by Microsoft ECM

Many IT companies are now developing solutions that will answer demands for enterprise content management and Microsoft Corporation is one of them. Their product, the Microsoft ECM, is one of the most used ECM solutions by many companies and organizations. The capabilities of the solution made it the favorite of many companies and organizations.

The Microsoft ECM capabilities are grouped into document management, web content management, forms solution, and records management.

For document management, the solutions offers time efficiency and easy reuse of data through organizing and classifying the different contents within a certain centralized document storage area. This also provides a consistent way to organize, categorize, navigate, and searching for the right data. It also helps in protecting the different sensitive information of the client by helping safeguarding the documents through secured methods that it offers. The Microsoft ECM also helps in creating documents more effectively.

For records management, the Microsoft ECM can help in improving the regulatory as well as the legal compliance of the company with regards to document storing. It may also aid in securing the different important records of the company as well as easy recovery and discovery of other sensitive information.

Microsoft ECM may also help in authoring and publishing the different contents easily and quickly. It may maintain the look of the company’s websites and promote lower costs for management and deployment of their website.

Lastly, for the forms solutions, the Microsoft ECM is helpful in automating the various business processes, gathering data through electronic forms, and speedily managing and deploying other forms solutions.

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