Various CompTIA Training Prices

The prices in taking the CompTIA training courses vary. The CompTIA training courses prepare students and technicians in qualifying for CompTIA examination. For the CompTIA A+ certification, one must be able to pass the Core Hardware and OS Technologies test. The topics that are covered in this include displays, microprocessors, operating systems, printers, storage media and devices, modems, buses and more. Earning the CompTIA A+ series guarantees the employers that computer system technicians are capable of upgrading and building, maintaining and troubleshooting clients PC system.  Because of CompTIAs non-vendor specific programs, many companies including Microsoft, Java, Cisco, 3Com, and Novell consider and recognize CompTIA as a prerequisite in their respective certification exams.

CompTIA A+ training course price range start at a low of $150 to a high of $250 depending on the package taken by the student.  CBT or computer based trainings in DVD and CD ROM format can be purchased at many online stores and IT shops and they may even include CompTIA test vouchers that allows you to take the CompTIA certification exam at a discounted price. To get a complete  CompTIA A+ video trainings, online store offers great value for money and competitive prices. This can be purchased for only$149.95. Some CBT trainings and video courses give additional worksheets for their students and can even provide an evaluation of the students readiness at the end of the sessions.

Depending on the CompTIA training package a student availed, it can include an all-in- one module that contains printed or printable training materials, CDROM learning kits, evaluation exams, status reports and test vouchers that can be used in the actual CompTIA exam proper.

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