Virtual PC Hardware and Virtualization on Linux

If you have not yet dabbled in the world of virtual machines, then you are really missing out. These new virtual PC hardwares and the world of virtualization is something which you can really integrate in your life. It is just like creating a virtual computer in with your own computer. You can easily configure this and the exact memory you want on your hard drive. This is especially great if you are actually running on a Windows XP platform, because you can get to test Vista even if the XP edition is still running at the same time. These virtualization hardwares also act as real life computers that also have their own Internet protocol addresses which you can use on your own server. With this you can then double up the power of your computer. However, you may end up needing at least a gig of memory since virtual machines really take up a lot of memory.

Many computer experts also maintain that virtualization also works well when you use Linux virtual PC hardware. This one is called Distro. One of the earliest Distros that have been tested is called Damm Small Linux, which runs on Virtual PC 2007. This can be a virtual pc installed and then used to create a virtual machine which also has all the default options using a mere 256 megabytes of memory. The technicians report that everything worked out quite well using such a system and that it actually takes a smaller amount of time to run on such a platform, which makes it one really sought after choice for a lot of people.

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