Virtualization of the Application Programs

The field of virtualization encompasses dynamic and huge aspects of the computing industry.  Almost all major facets of the computing system including the newest and the latest release of software and operating systems are capable of being virtualized. 

The massive ability of virtualization to practically encapsulate and emulate an application or an operating system is not something that we should be surprised about.  In fact, even when the first virtual machine was created and developed in the late 60’s using the IB platform, the desire to virtualize application software has always been working in the background.  

The reality with virtualization is very simple – virtualize the device and the software that controls the device.  Truly, this has been realized.  To date, one of the more common practices that we see in the computing industry is the virtualization of the portable application software.  More and more people are seeing the value of storage capability of the computer system that is why they thought about how they can come up with an application software that does not require the installation of the whole application file on the system to lessen the usage if the storage device.  This is where the idea of portable application software being virtualized on the PC system.  Logically, the virtualization process of the application software is practical and intelligently made.  You can switch to and from the application without having the need to physically install and store that software on  the PC. 

The magnificent evolution of virtualization is indeed a major breakthrough. Now, people can have access to all of computing resources at anytime with less trouble and burden in accessing them.

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