Virtualization Technology Support from Big Companies

Virtualization has proven to be one of the best techniques developed for maximizing resources for technology. Before virtualization was introduced and used for practical purposes, computer users were limited in their tasks by the physical capacity of their resources. A server could only house a certain set of programs and data. An operating system (OS) could only run programs it is designed to run. Those were just a few issues that existed before virtualization.

However, those same issues have been addressed with the creation of virtualization, which allows a physical resource to be virtualized into something that perfectly suits a particular user’s needs. For example, a virtual OS can host another OS so that the user can access and run the applications that only run on the hosted OS without leaving the host OS. It sounds tricky on paper, but in practice, users are quite happy with the efficiency of this system.

Of course, this technology will not exist without the support of software developers who have embraced virtualization as an efficient and cheaper alternative to acquiring more physical resources. VMware, for one, is a software company that focuses its attention on creating virtualization software. It’s considered the leading company in its niche.

Then there are other companies such as IBM and Microsoft, which everyone knows are both giants in the industry. Because of the support of these companies, different kinds of virtualization such as platform virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization are made possible. Portable applications also exist, thanks to this same technology.

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