Virtualization: The Practical Benefits

There are various kinds of benefits that the virtualization system can provide both to end-users and IT organizations. These are as follows.

1. More efficiency on resource use. Virtualization simply provides capability for IT organizations to be ensured with resources available and accessible enough for individual end user and application. It essentially enhances the competency of organizations. Also, virtualization reduces various costs in acquiring systems, environmental requirements for running the systems (e.g. real estate, power cooling), and staff in managing any further included system.

2. Error isolation. Virtualization basically serves as safeguard or provides security to the system against any possible disruption or fault that can resulted from unavoidable circumstances, such as operating system failure, or user and/or application error.

3. Increased in the overall security level. While virtualization designates users and applications into various virtual machines, this set-up evidently increases security level among interrelated and diverse user communities.

4. Swift provisioning. Rather than going through the troublesome procedures for storage installation and management, virtualization allows the capability to create some new virtual machines instantly without requiring physical servers. Fortunately, this cuts the time required in setting-up the entire storage and data management systems. Therefore, what used to be accomplished in weeks before (setting-up and configuring of the new system), can now be completed in just several minutes.

5. Portability of the systems created. Apparently, the use of intangible equipment and virtual data allows effortless movement, particularly of virtual machines from one physical system to another. This can be helpful when carrying out specific tasks, such as maintenance, further resource usage, or replicate provisioning. There even cases when operation of virtual machines can be repositioned while running online without any service interruption.

Virtualization simply provides various benefits far beyond standard human reasons and expectations.

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