Virtualization Training to Help Users Understand More

Virtualization is a technology that was created to help users make the best out of their available physical resources. Instead of buying more resources to be able to perform more tasks, users can now virtualize their resources to maximize their potential. For example, users no longer need two computers to run two different operating systems, one on each. With virtualization, users can run an operating system hosted on another operating system (e.g. Ubuntu hosted on Linux). This eliminates the need for another computer, and also addresses problems involving portability and compatibility.

However, users may not be able to maximize their resources to the utmost potential without clearly understanding how virtualization works. IT people tasked to virtualize their company’s physical IT resources need to be well versed in this kind of technology. Lucky for them, developers of virtualization software offer training to users.

VMware offers four different kinds of training. With most basic VMware training, users will undergo a comprehensive training for four days. In that timeframe, they will be taught how to install and configure the software. They will also be taught how to perform a variety of tasks, mostly admin functions, in virtualized environments. Students will have the chance to have hands-on and practical experience to prepare them better for the actual tasks waiting for them at the workplace.

For more advanced users, trainings for deploying, securing, and analyzing servers are also available. There are also trainings on managing a virtual infrastructure as a whole. Users can choose what kind of training they want to go through, depending on what they need to know.

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