Visual Business Intelligence: How It Came About And How It Helps

It is perhaps a fact that people remember things better when they see it rather than when they just read about it. And it’s even easier to take in and comprehend things when they are illustrated. This is where the concept of visual business intelligence has stemmed from.

Visual business intelligence is actually basically providing a picture to what business intelligence provides. To all the information that business intelligence comes up with comes the actual illustration of how it looks like. With a visual representation, the information that goes to its users goes in what we might call tangible form. There is a number attached to it and there is a picture as well. In effect, this visualization gives more meaning. Patterns and trends are better represented and so a rather clearer and actual picture is provided to the business and to its decision makers. Being presented with such a vivid illustration, managers and other business leaders are then aided in proceeding with their tasks and proceeding with the business as a whole.

One important thing must be put to mind though. Representations will only be as effective as the effective information it stems from. Without which, there would be no sense in giving an illustration because it will only be painting the wrong picture. And a misleading picture would lead to non-optimal or worse even wrong decisions.

However, if a good and effective illustration is given out it will be much helpful in deciding the right moves for the business. More often than not, it gives out a clear and easy to understand illustration of what is good, satisfactory and bad. It gives facts and it gives insight to it users. It also incites discussion among peers and the whole organization, and therefore also comes collaboration.

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