Visual Studio 2005 Accepts Business Intelligence

Well, business intelligence is now taken up by quite so many businesses. Of course, this is because its importance and the benefits it carries are highly welcomed and quite appreciated. With business intelligence, decision makers are aided with facts and figures and with some form of interpretation. They are able to base their decisions to relevant information that are made available to them.

Now with visual business intelligence, it even gets better. Not only do you rely on written literature or figures, you have an illustration to lean on. Of course, this picture should be backed by solid and reliable business intelligence. With the picture provided to decision makers, it would easier to see what is really happening and therefore come up with solutions. With benchmarks put in place, they are encouraged to improve performance. Collaboration is also facilitated by providing good insight and providing a case for discussion. With the same and collaborated information available, they will be acting on the same picture the information is painting.

Now with Visual Studio 2005, developers are then enabled to plug in business intelligence capabilities into their applications. They don t have to start from scratch. But what they just do is to add the feature into the applications they are using. What comes out from their applications would now be more relevant and full view of the situation no matter what aspect of the business or what industry they are looking at. By allowing business intelligence to be added, Visual Studio 2005 therefore provides a way wherein developers can service their clients better by giving them data rich outputs that aid them in making the best choices.

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