Visualize, Analyze and Share: The Distinct Characteristics of Google Map Earth

The Google Mapping Services specifically the Google Earth and Google Earth Pro are the mapping services of Google that are bounded by these three distinct characteristics:

a.    Visualize.  The Google Earth and Google Earth Pro apart from its feature to explain the captured image, is also able to make a visual representation of this image either in a 2D or 3D imaging.  With its ability to visualize, it can also transfer and export the image to more than a thousand different locations either by physical address or geospatial axis based on a spreadsheet.  The visualize feature of Google Earth Pro is capable of incorporating the Geospatial Information System data in various file forms such as .tab.
b.    Analyze.  Good analysis on the coordinates begins with effective analysis on the image that was captured. With the embedded capability of Google Earth pro to perform calculations a lot faster, analysis is made a lot easier and lesser complicated.
c.    Share.  The sharing capability of Google Earth Pro allows you to have a view on any visual representations on Google’s original file form.  And with the updated version of the Google Earth Pro, you can be capable of getting additional instruments used for measuring the location axis either in square foot or mile.

These three distinct characteristics that are manifested on Google Earth Pro make it possible for anyone to come up with the most powerful and highly scaled presentation or documentation.  And as the industry is putting more emphasis on the utility of these features, Google is prompted to develop far better in its new and latest mapping service.  

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