VMware and USB Flash Drives Eliminate the Need for Multiple Computers

VMware, a software company under EMC Corporation, is popular for its virtualization products. Virtualization is a crucial methodology in the IT industry because it allows various physical resources to be combined to make one multi-tasking virtual resource. It also allows one physical resource to be divided into virtual partitions that work autonomously. Resources that can be virtualized include servers, operating systems, storage devices, and applications.

In 2007, VMware released a program, the VMware Pocket Ace, that lets users save virtualization software in as portable applications, which are software programs stored in removable storage devices such as a USB flash drive, as an example. Portable apps are convenient for on-the-go users because they don’t have to install the programs in each computer that they use. This is perfect for people who often change computers, handle several computers at a given time, or travel with a laptop which can be stole or lost in between trips. Portable storage devices that can be used for VMware Pocket Ace include USB flash disks, external hard drives, or mp3 players such as the Apple iPod.

VMware Pocket Ace promises to lower costs for companies by allowing employees to carry a portable storage device containing a virtual desktop instead of letting each of them carry a laptop, especially if the said employees need to access files on a sporadic basis. With VMware Pocket Ace, companies can set one universal computer in which employees can stick their USB flash drives so they can access their virtual desktop. In effect, VMware Pocket Ace transforms a single computer into several ones.

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