VMWare At a Glance: Virtual Appliance

If you are looking for appliances for your VMware virtual machine, the best place for you to look would be at the actual VMware site itself. Sure, there are a lot of vendors found in many third party websites, but when you are looking for quality and ease of function then it is always best to go to the standard bearer – and in this case, the standard bearer is the actual home site itself. Simply put virtual appliances are pre-configured, pre-built and ready to run applications for enterprises that are packaged with its own operating system located inside a virtual machine.

Using these appliances, many customers can easily install as well as deploy many pre-integrated solution stacks. Doing so will help to speed up the time needed to value as well as simplify software development, management as well as distribution. The beauty about virtual appliances is that is has the ability to change the way a software is both developed and delivered. Using these virtual appliances, many ISVs now have the power to develop using a single platform only. Doing so will help to reduce both the cost as well as the complexity of software development as well as management.

Additionally, using virtual appliances can allow such systems to securely as well as efficiently distribute the system that is under an industry standard format, which is popularly known as the Open Virtual Machine Format or OVF. Using these, customers now have the freedom to deploy the OVF packaged appliance on their own virtualization platform.

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