VMware ESX 3: The Complete Hypervisor of the Virtual Environment

The VMware ESX server 3 is essentially a virtual hyper-visor that can be deployed easily on virtual environments and can run independently on whatever operating system is in place.  VMware ESX can create an entire virtual PC which has its own set of processor, plug-in peripherals, memory, networks, and storage capabilities.  The application can literally create multiple fully functioning workstations on a single host machine.

The VMware ESX serves as the foundation of an entire virtual infrastructure which is fully capable for data center support and multiple desktop activities.  The ESX technology also enables system administrators to scale any virtual architecture based on the he needs of the enterprise using virtual machines.  This certainly helps companies optimize the functionality of their virtual IT environments and avoid redundancy of the virtual systems.

Through the ESX VMware application, multiple machines can share the same resources of the host PC and allows efficient partitioning of the host system.  This will save companies from expensive overhead costs on hardware requirements.  Because the virtual machines does not use additional hardware, the cost saving effect can be converted to further boosting the power and capacity of its data center for more complicated data mining applications and resource intensive database operations.

With ESX, the virtual machines can also run multiple operating systems without altering the system configuration of their host environment.  This optimization can translate to increase performance and productivity of each workstation and server extensions.  VMware ESX is an integral part of the VMware virtualization suite. 

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