VMware Forum: Source of Information for the Virtualization Community

A VMware forum is an online community of VMware users, vendors, resellers, and consultants.  These forums serve as online help support desk for those using the VMware virtualization software.  It would be best for system administrators running a virtual infrastructure to join such online forums.  These forums can help them resolve issues that may be encountered during VMware deployment and maintenance.  They can also pitch in their advice and provide help to other thus establishing their online reputation as a virtualization expert.

The VMware website which is operated by the developer of VMware technologies also run an excellent community within their network.  A forum is provided for clients and users and VMware experts are always handy in case a question or an issue pops up that needs immediate answer or solution.

Normally VMware users, especially beginners, encounter installation and un-installation problems.  Through the online VMware forum, this problem can be resolved by starting a thread asking for solutions.  Most often than not, a senior member of the forum will always answer the query and provide valuable guidance.  In fact, some forum users even provide detailed step by step and command by command instructions on how to manipulate and tweak the program to avoid or resolve problems. 

New updates on VMware applications and technology can also be acquired from these forums in order to inform the entire virtualization community.  So, anyone who is running a virtual machine or machines can get the latest techniques and patches of VMware which could help them maintain their virtual infrastructure.

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