VMware GSX Upgrades: Providing New Fixes and Improving Virtual Performance

VMware GSX server application utilizes Open SSL in order to keep the security VMware management protocol and VMware remote console system sessions.  Several patches have been released in order to further enhance the security of the virtual environments.  Specifically, update 2.5.2 of the VMware GSX resolves the vulnerability of Open SSL used by the virtual network.  The fix ensures that the virtual environment will suffer from denial of service due to malware activities. 

The new VMware GSX application also fixes bugs encountered on virtual environments under a Linux host machine.  The bug has been effectively eliminated thus allowing users to correctly interface their Linux configuration with that of the guest virtual machines running on different operating system.

It also improved the durability of Linux VMware installation which allows users to run multiple servers that can perform different data tasks and functions.  The improved security on the other hand incorporates new encrypting method for the VMware systems configuration so that administrators can safely manage their virtual environments.

GSX upgrades also provide new configuration options for remotely managing the virtual machines thus allowing system administrators much leeway and flexibility in network and systems management.  Aside from remote management, the new GSX version now allows for several windows server versions to run on virtual machines.  Resource intensive Windows server 2003 can now be hosted on Linux as well as other windows based operating system.  New GSX versions also provide several methods of clustering virtual machines especially guest appliance that run on 32 / 64 bit configuration systems.

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