VMware HA: High Availability Can Mean High Performance and Productivity

VMware HA or high availability is a powerful application that can provide ease of use and low cost virtualization of the IT environment.  The high availability feature can provide buffer technology for virtual machines.  This means that when a server failed, the virtual machines can be instantly migrated to other servers and restarted there without interrupting running applications.  This ensures continuity of the virtual environments and avoiding data loss due to systems interruptions and crashes.

The high availability (HA) feature of VMware diminishes downtime vulnerability of servers minimizes disruptions in the IT operation.  It also eliminates the need for the installation of reserve server hardware and additional software to configure the stand by server.  This can bring enormous saving for any enterprise or company running a virtual IT environment. 

The VMware HA also provides reliability of the virtual IT because of its ability to instantly switch the operation of individual virtual consoles to a different server host even without configuring the software requirement.  This is made possible through the automation of software detection.  Thus when a virtual machine migrates to a new server, high availability functions instantly kicks in to find the most suitable configuration detected for the new server.  Systems and network administrators then can confidently manage their virtual environments without fear of losing valuable data and compromising their virtual architecture.

The VMware HA or high availability is a very useful virtual buffer system.  Its utility is magnified especially with increasing need of companies to run an always-on IT environment.  It also protects virtual appliance that does not have the capability to cope with server failure.

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